The people of South Malawi are experiencing a dangerous food crisis following cyclone Freddy that hit the region in February/ March 2023. It is the longest storm ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere and a major currency devaluation followed. Not only are people dying of hunger, but also through crocodile attacks as they enter the water in search of food.

Our field partner, Ps Arnold Thomeya has been collecting rice and beans to feed 200 people once a month but the situation is desperate, with children and elderly being the most affected. He said, “Please pray for us, our people here are starving and they go into the water to get water lilies to eat, especially women many of them have been killed by crocodiles”.

Lloyd Tabatha, MV South Africa’s director added that, pastors in Malawi are trying but it is not enough and they are desperate for help. He said the best sustainable solution can be to get funds and buy seeds to plant rice, beans and other vegetables. The Malawians have enough land and water, they only need seeds and fertilizer. If God can bless us with funds, this difficult situation can be a thing of the past.