Missionary Ventures South Africa center of activities is holistically discipling communities through working with Christian Leaders in Africa.

Whether training a Pastor, feeding a child, preparing Teams or individuals for a cross-cultural mission experience, empowering women we desire to see lives transformed for the better as people recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

For us, holistic discipleship is made up of the following:

Every living human being needs an opportunity to hear the Gospel massage.
Equipping Pastors and leaders through Bible schools, Leadership and Pastors Seminars
Temporary provision of assistance intended for persons in dire material need in times of pandemics, Cyclones and other devastating events.
Making sure that the generations to come are deeply loved by the Creator
Across the world people think to accept Jesus is the goal or the end. Believers need to go through a process of being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. After being born again you to grow spiritually and be usable in the Kingdom of God Almighty.
Women in poor communities continue to experience unequal access to education, skills development and decent employment. Attention is needed to empower women economically


Your donation makes a difference!

Lives are being changed throughout Africa as people hear about the Gospel of Christ.

Whether it’s a team trip or a special project, it would not be possible without your generous contribution.