My name is Bishop Dora Mabuza from the kingdom of Eswatini. I live in the semi-rural area. I am the visionary of Preach the Word international Ministries. The church was founded in 2015. We currently have 4 branches. In all the branches we have soup kitchens. In some of the branches we use the garage in my home to cook food for the children.

When we started the church, we used a tent and children came thinking there was a party going on and they said they were hungry. So that was the start of it. It has been 8 years now.

When God called me to start this ministry he also put the love for children, he commanded me to feed them. We fed them on Sundays only.

Then Covid came. Churches were closed. So I fed then cooked for them on Saturdays only.

When churches opened God spoke to me to cook for seven days a week. Currently we cook for plus or minus 100 children per day who come from three communities.

Soup kitchen menu: Rice or porridge, beans or meat, vegetables


  • The Covid pandemic brought many challenges, their parents were retrenched from work as a result there is no food at home, as I speak the “decent meal” they get is from the church.
  • The soup kitchen rely on my pension for their daily provision. If only we can get help on monthly basis.
  • We have volunteers who come help to cook for the children, my wish for them, if only they can get and incentive just for their bus fare.
  • The children come early in the morning, for their meals if only they can occupied with children’s games or playground.
  • I supervise all the soup kitchens in the branches on weekly basis. Hence I have petrol challenges in reaching them all