Hello, my name is Ester dos Santos Perdigão. I’m 24 years old; I’m Mozambican; I have a beautiful 8-year-old son and his name is Valdo.  I have been in the service of the Lord since 2014. In 2015 the Lord told me to leave my job as a technical assistant of a public school in Lichinga (in the northern Niassa province of Mozambique). I then began group meetings with the children and adolescents in my neighborhood on weekends, and during the week I was doing Bible studies with women in my neighborhood and was volunteering in a local school.

During that time I was able to train some of the teens so that in my absence they would be able to teach the younger ones and even those of their age, as I already felt that God was calling me to serve Him elsewhere. Then after having the confirmation of God, my son and I moved to Inhambane, which is in southern Mozambique, and we found a small community called Závora, where despite many churches, no one was working with children or teenagers, and the Lord told me clearly that’s where He wanted me.

I and the village’s children and adolescents are gathering under a tree on the land donated to us.

I am realizing that the children here not only need a Christian education, but a preschool education; therefore, my desire is to raise funds for:

  • Construction of a school with at least 2 classrooms
  • Chairs and tables for classrooms
  • Teaching materials
  • Educational games
  • Toys (Black dolls especially loved!)
  • Story books (Portuguese and English)

My vision is not only to help the children in their walk with Christ and to reach the parents through the children, but also that they learn to read and write; that they have at least the minimum of education which will be a foundation for more in the future of these children. So any donation mentioned above, any of them is of great help and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention, with love:

Ester dos Santos Perdigão