Projects & Programs

TZANEEN – SOUTH AFRICA: Tzaneen is located in the Limpopo province northeast of South Africa.

Upgrading of pre-school facilities in Tzaneen SA.

SINAZONGWE – ZAMBIA: Sinazongwe is located on the shores of Lake Kariba in the Southern province of Zambia

Orphan/vulnerable education – A sponsorship program to assist scholars to complete their schooling.

Sewing – Equipping woman to generate an income for themselves and the ‘woman’s ministry’ of their congregation. Each year the ‘woman’s ministry’ of a church is identified and then receive training and equipping of basic sewing skills on hand sewing machines.

Pastor’s children’s education – A sponsorship program to assist pastors with their children’s education. In rural Africa many pastors serve in congregations with a very high percentage of unemployed members.

Luzibo Christian Training Centre – Equipping of present and future church leaders.


Water well – Providing clean water for rural communities where there is no clean water.

Pastor’s Support – Supporting a church leader with a basic income. In rural Africa a very high percentage of congregation members are unemployed and are not able to provide financially for the church leader.

Church Building – Assisting congregations to build a church building

Agriculture – Providing agriculture products such as seeds, goats, chickens and other products to assist the vulnerable to become more self-sustainable.

Mercy fund – Providing for the physical needs of the vulnerable of the community. This can range from building a house for widows or HIV Aids patients, donating blankets, providing food parcels for the aged to donating a wheelchair for disabled. Whatever the need.

Sport equipment – Yearly a soccer & netball knock-out competition is presented for primary school aged children including 150 children. Funding is used for purchasing of balls, trophies, prizes and sport clothing.